Sunday, January 23, 2011


When the NFL stated that the AFC Championship Game will start at 6:30 Eastern Time, the Jets did not believe them. The Jets decided to show up about an hour and 15 minutes later. And the rest is history.

I don't know if anyone caught the Sanchez/Brunnel sideline discussion during Pittsburgh's first drive. Just at the end of the drive, the CBS crew shot an image of Sanchez talking to Brunnel. While they are talking, Sanchez is picking his nose. Not the digging type of picking but the thumb trying to get the dry crusties out of his nostril. When Sanchez finally picked a winner, he is caught wiping it on Brunnel's jacket. In two years, Sanchez is caught eating a hot dog and now picking his nose. Just wondering.

The Jets have so many ways that they can beat you and they also have so many ways that they can beat themselves. Was Schottenheimer kidding, when he ran the same four run plays in each quarter that gained a net average of 1 yard? Was Schottenheimer kidding when he ran the worst four plays at the goal line? And if you aren't going to use an onside kick at the end of the fourth quarter, can someone tell the special teams that it is necessary to pin the opposing team back in their end and not stand around and watch them bring the ball back to their 40. Where was LT today? Is this a family thing, a Schottenheimer getting only to the conference championship? (see Marty and see Brian 2010 and 2011)

We will not talk about the first half because that was a nightmare but with all things considered, the score could of been worse. The Jets held the Steelers to a field goal on one drive and intercepted one on another. But when the second half began and the Jets put one in the endzone, the defense woke up. After Schottenheimer made those four spectacular play calls, the defense on the next play gave the Jets 2 points and the ball back. Big Ben did drop the ball but the big guys were there to get us the two.

When the Jets offense was clicking, it looked good. Just very hard to spot a team a 21 point lead in a Championship Game. Let's take a look at the first half's running attack, 1 yard, need we say more. Schottenheimer has one of the most physical and athletic offensive lines and he decides that it would be wise to just try to run the ball up the middle with basically eight men in the box. Rex Ryan probably kicked him in the head at halftime because the first set of run plays, Schottenheimer called counters with a lot of movement from his lineman and the Jets were eating up chunks of real estate. Once this happened the passing lanes opened. I just don't understand how one person can call such a schizophrenic game.

Maybe I am just upset at the outcome but when the Jets were marching the ball up field in the second half and Sanchez slid to avoid getting hit. Was it my imagination that Harrison came and hit Sanchez a tad bit late after the slide? There was no flag thrown. I know people are gonna say, yeah but Harrison was sliding himself and they kind of bumped into each other. Well, if he just bumped into Sanchez then the Jets defender who barely touched the Steelers punter should not have been called for a 15 yard personal foul. You can't have it both ways.

Rex and team have a few things to work on in the off season. If the issues are addressed properly, I see the Jets right back here and winning it next time. The Jets definitely need to address pass rushing, the punting and kicking game and less sporadic play calling from the offensive coordinator.

Congratulations to the Jets for a winning season as well as a very entertaining season. Since the football season is over, I can now get all worked up about the Knicks and the Rangers.

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