Monday, February 7, 2011

We Need Melo

The 2010-2011 New York Knicks have been a big improvement over the Knicks of past years. They are very exciting and entertaining. They win games against teams that are far better than them and they lose games against teams that are not as good. They are playing a very exciting .500 ball and that will not get you far in the play-offs. Which is why they need to re-evaluate and take seriously the acquisition of Carmelo Anthony. When they do this, they also have to ask those very important questions like how much do we give up for him, ie:Landry Fields and/or Gallinari?

Carmelo Anthony has made it quite obvious that he wants to play with the Knicks. The Knicks need to make this happen. The addition of Anthony would do nothing but add to the excitement, as well as to the winning. Anthony will make the Knicks a much better play-off team. With him the Knicks could go deep into the play-offs. Felton would have a field day playing with Stoudemire and Anthony. He will only make Landry Fields that much better of a ball player.

The media has been giving us the usual, it's on/it's off headlines. If the Knicks need to get it done, the Knicks will get it done. Let's all sit tight because the deadline is not until the 24th and I really do believe the rumors will be flying until then. Once the 24th rolls around, I really do believe that Carmelo will be wearing a Knicks uniform.

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