Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Knicks Shred Spurs Defense

Nothing like the Garden, especially when you are winning and the taunts are directed at the visiting team and not the home team. The Garden fans, in all of their glory and excitement, were serenading Tony Parker with chants of "EVA".

This is only the fifth loss by the Spurs and the Spurs opened up the season going 29 for 33, pretty impressive considering they play in the West. And what is most impressive is that the Knicks did it at home, the Garden has just not been friendly to them or the Rangers.

Every night there is a different star for the Knicks. Tonight it was Wilson Chandler with 31 points. With Gallineri out for 2-3 weeks it is quite important that everyone pitch in. With the loss of Gallineri, D'Antoni needed to start Turiaf at center and he filled in well. He also showed some chutzpah when DeJuan Blair of the Spurs decided he was going to talk some mush after dunking one.

The Knicks did a number on the Spurs defense. They scored 72 first half points. It got to a point that with 3 minutes left in the game and the Spurs down by 10, Popovich pulled his starters. It appeared that he was the Spurs' cornerman throwing in the towel. Not sure if I agree with that decision, three minutes is a long time and 10 points is not much. Better for us because we get the W.

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