Sunday, December 12, 2010

New York Jets 12/12/2010

Today we will all see if the game against the Patriots was an anomaly or did it show the NFL that they are just another team in the middle of the pack.  I have thought through a number of things and I hate to say this but I feel the Jets are a team that needs a lot of tweaks before they can be considered a Super Bowl contender.

Let's all remember that last year the Jets were 7-7 going into the game against Indianapolis. The Colts knew they were making the playoffs and pretty much sat their ones in the second half.  The Jets made the playoffs at 9-7 and eventually lost to the Colts.

The Jets have a sophomore quarterback who is still coming into his own. His offensive line is definitely allowing him to develop but the decision making is still suspect.

The Jets pass rush does not exist. Ryan cannot just keep blitzing because the other teams are picking it up and adjusting. Since the pass rush is not there, the opposing quarterback has plenty of time to decide on his options. Big problem with that is the teams are catching and carrying for big gains. Until they get a pass rush, their defense cannot perform as efficient as it is capable of.

Defensively, the Jets are in quite a hole with the loss of Leonard and of course Jenkins. Very hard to replace them at this point of the season.

The running game has not been the running game that took them through the playoffs last year.  LT is slowly tiring and Shon Greene is too inconsistent.  In order to get to air the ball out, the running game needs to become more dominant.  

And the kicking game is quite suspect. Falk is shaky at best and if you think that you can get by with that type of kicking in the post season, you are sorely mistaken.

I had high hopes for this Jets team but their weaknesses are becoming more and more glaring.

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