Sunday, December 12, 2010

Knicks Win 8th Straight

In the last 14 games the Knicks are 13-1 and today they won eight in a row. The knock on them was that the 13-1 record were against mediocre teams. Today the Knicks beat the Nuggets, with Carmelo Anthony, who was back after sitting out two games with a knee injury.

Stoudemire has been a great addition for the Knicks. It certainly appears that he is making people play up to their capabilities. Stoudemire has scored 30 or more points in the last eight games, breaking a Knicks record that   had stood since 1962. 

Raymond Felton has been such a great addition and he is having a career year. It appears that he is really happy playing in the run and gun D'Antoni system. Today he scored 19 points and had 17 assists, this has pretty much the norm for Felton this year.

How can you not like Landry Fields? The rookie is playing great basketball and doing it very quietly.  My worries are that he will be used as trade bait for Carmelo Anthony. Not that I wouldn't want Anthony as a Knick but right now Fields looks like a great draft pick.

You know it has been 14 years since the Knicks had a start like this and I am enjoying every moment.  And of course with a young team next two games against the Celtics and the Heat will be a good test to where the Knicks really stand.  But not like past seasons, these games will at least be entertaining.  

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