Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jets/Dolphins 12/12/2010

Here we go again.

A 10-6 loss to Miami is not what was intended.  As we look at the schedule the Jets are 9-4 and slowly fading. Their next two games are on the road at Pittsburgh and Chicago. Their last game is against the Bills at the Meadowlands. I pretty much think that the Jets will end the season at 10-6 and they have a good chance of not making the playoffs. Hello, you guys have not scored a touchdown in 2 games.

What in the world happened?  The league has figured out the Jets and the Jets are in a panic mode. They seem to tighten up when their backs are against the wall. The Jets were 6-21 on third down, with a countless number of dropped balls, errand passes, wrong routes, wrong reads and just poor ball control.

When you pride yourself on running the ball to set up your pass, you got to be able to run the ball. 87 yards rushing!? Are you kidding me, you're running behind one of the best offensive lines in the league. Sanchez had more yards than Shon Greene, this is Thomas Jones' replacement?  This is pathetic.  You're running game didn't work so you tried the passing game and that went completely south. How many passes can we drop?  You will always need to go for it on fourth down because noodle leg Falk is accurate from nowhere.

Don't want to put a lot of blame on Sanchez but if he takes care of the football, Jets win 6-0. It appeared that Sanchez was still shell shocked from Monday's game. A pick and a fumble on two consecutive possessions, in the first quarter, lead to all of Miami's points.

Rex and Schottenheimer need to shake things up a bit. This can become one of the biggest collapses in Jets history if they don't right the ship.

Last week week was a lose and today it is becoming a trend.

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