Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Tonight the Nets take on the Boston Celtics. At this point of the season we all thought that it would be the Nets in first place and the Celtics as the also ran. Little did we know that the entire Atlantic Conference would be under .500.

Kidd has to go. I know that Kidd is dealing with a team that is extremely banged up but I do believe that he is in way over his head.

Since I have tried to install a new head coach for the Jets, here is my pick(s) for the coaching position of the Nets. My nod goes to either of the Van Gundy brothers. Jeff Van Gundy would bring a defensive philosophy to the Nets. This would be a major change from the "I have no clue" philosophy of Kidd. Jeff Van Gundy is well respected and I think he would be a perfect fit for Garnett and Pierce. Stan Van Gundy has been successful wherever he has coached and I think he could really turn this team around.

Last year Avery Johnson was axed before everything went south. Prokhorov needs to do something before the entire season is sunk.

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