Sunday, December 8, 2013


When this season ends the Jets need to get rid of Rex Ryan and hire Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell as the new head coach. Ryan has always thought of himself as a defensive genius and he is very good on that side of the ball but his teams offense has been atrocious throughout his tenure. Let's look at some stats.

Percentage of passes completed since 2009 - 55% - lowest in the league.
Fewest yards by a leading receiver for any team through 12 games since 1986 - 347 for Jeremy Kerley
Current ranking for points scored, point differential and turnovers - 31st
Passer rating is 68.1 since 2009 - lowest in the league
13,959 passing yards since the start of the 2009 season - fewest in the league

Those are the highlights and someone has to answer for that and that person is the head coach, period.

Darrell Bevell has worked with Idzik in Seattle. Bevell has worked with Brett Favre in Green Bay, he has developed Russell Wilson and he has put Seattle's offense on the top of the list with 340 points scored to date. The Jets have had four consecutive defensive minded head coaches and you can see where that has got them. Time to try something different and that's a head coach that has a knowledge of the offensive side of the ball.

Today the Jets play the Raiders and let's see if they can muster more than 3 points.

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