Monday, April 1, 2013


Can the Yankees overcome an injury riddled roster? Can the Yankees deep pitching staff keep them close until some of the injured come back? Can the starting pitching perform as well as it did last year?

Today is going to be the last Opening Day for the great Mariano Rivera and the last Opening Day that the number 42 is going to be worn by any baseball player.

The Yankees will be taking on the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium to start the 2013 season. Their line-up is not what we are used to but it might be a line-up we have to get used to.

The starting line-up is this:

Brett Gardner - CF
Eduardo Nunez - SS
Robinson Cano - 2B
Kevin Youkalis - 1B
Vernon Wells - LF
Ben Francisco - DH
Ichiro - RF
Jayson Nix - 3B
Francisco Cervelli - C
C.C. Sabathia - P

Right now on Opening Day, everyone is in first place.

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