Wednesday, March 27, 2013


On Saturday afternoon I was lucky enough to attend the Kings vs. Canucks game at Staples Center. My cousins were able to secure seats four rows from the ice. They know that I am a big hockey fan so they asked me to go. When I found out that our seats were that close to the ice, I made sure that I took my camera in order to get some good pictures. I had two lenses, my standard lens and a zoom lens. I was told that the Staples Center would not allow you to bring in a camera with a lens over 3 1/2 inches long so my standard lens would have to do. As you can see in the above picture of Drew Doughty, this was how we were seeing the game.

I have been to many a hockey game in my life. I have seen the Rangers in Madison Square Garden, the Devils in what was then called the Brendan Byrne Arena in the Meadowlands, the hated NY Islanders in the Nassau Mausoleum, the Anaheim Ducks in the Honda Center and the Los Angeles Kings in the Forum and in the Staples Center. These seats were the best seats that I have had at any professional hockey game.

Hockey is an extremely fast game but being this close puts a whole new meaning on how fast it is. Most of these hockey players are basically linebackers on skates. They move so fast and their reactions are so quick, all while traveling on a sheet of ice. Sitting this close you can really feel the teeth rattling checks that are dished out. I can see why the concussion issue is a topic in hockey now. These players crash into the boards so hard that their heads can't help banging violently into the plexiglass.

Since we were sitting to the left of the goalie, I got a great perspective on Quick and Schneider's reactions to shots. Some of the shots came at them with such quickness and speed, it was amazing on how fast these two guys reacted.

The Kings ended up losing 1-0 but it was an exciting game. I left the Staples Center with a new found fondness for the game that I grew up watching and playing.

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