Friday, February 1, 2013


I have been waiting to comment on the state of the Jets and after some moves that the team has made, I am going to weigh in.

First of all, we have to start with the team as a whole and basically they are awful. From top to bottom they are a terrible team. We can sit and delve into the reasons on why they are a terrible team and how the development of their young players has stalled but the bottom line is that the Jets need to move forward. They have become another of many teams that has to rebuild.

The Jets are in a position to trade some of their individual stars like Revis. As much as I like Revis, the Jets need to get some high level picks for the talented Revis. One Revis will not turn this team around but numerous picks can start the rebuilding process. Just look at what Dallas did when it got rid of Herchel Walker and got a landslide of young talent.

Sounds like a decent start but this takes us to management and the so-called player personnel. The Jets are completely awful there too. Yes, even after they have hired a new GM, a new Offensive Coordinator and a new QB coach. The Jets franchise being who they are and who they have hired and by retaining Ryan gives me a semblance of absolute no confidence.

How do you fire your GM because of his incompetence in evaluating football talent but you keep your head coach? The Jets threw away one of their smelly shoes but not the pair which basically means that the room is still going to be smelly.

It will be a while before the Jets are relevant and I expect the season ahead to be more of the same.

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  1. I see your point about Revis and would agree if I had any faith the Jets could use those picks effectively. Unfortunately the real house cleaning has to start at the very top and work its way down. I have to question the judgment of management when GM John Idzik gets on Sports Talk Radio and says members of the organization engaged in very informal discussions regarding JaMarcus Russell and possibly bringing him on the team. Idzik also stated "we're going to add competition. It's going to help make Mark better." Really? Did adding Tebow help? And if there was any shred of hope the Sanchez could get better, do you think hearing this in the off season is going to motivate him? Besides that, JaMarcus is well over 300 pounds at this point so I don't think he is much of a threat to anyone. As I joked earlier, "The NY Jets' master plan is to add JaMarcus Russell and force him to lose 100 pounds. Then they will reveal the real reason they brought him on the team when they introduce the "Lose Like A Jet" diet plan with Ryan & Russell. It's cash money!"