Saturday, February 2, 2013


Travis Hafner signed a one year deal with the Yankees on Friday. He is basically the new Ibanez except he can't play the outfield. He has had a good number of injuries over the last five years so I do believe we will not be seeing too much of him this year. His only saving grace is the fact that he will only be used against right handers.

Juan Rivera has signed a minor league deal. We might see him on opening day due to the unpredictable state of the roster.

The Yankees signed a young Dominican catcher, Gary Sanchez, who will be in the minors for a couple of years. He looks like he can hit and he has a real good arm behind the plate. If Austin Romine doesn't ever pan out then the next look has got to go to Sanchez.

Michael Pineda is throwing from a short mound right now but I think Pineda will not be seen until late this season, if at all. Big question for him is how his shoulder will fair after the surgery. If he has lost his speed on his fastball then Pineda is not the number 2 starter that the Yankees traded for. Right now anything you get from Pineda is a plus.

The WBC starts in March. I am looking forward to watching the Cuban baseball team play. Their first game is March 4 against China.

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