Friday, May 4, 2012


This is definitely a cursed season for Yankee pitchers. Joba and his trampoline mishap, Robertson and his stepsecade while carrying boxes, Michael Pineda and his mysterious shoulder. Now we have Mariano Rivera doing his best impression of someone not being able to play the outfield and he tears his ACL and meniscus.

This is going to give Yankee fans a peak into the future because this is what it is going to look like without the greatest closer. He might return next year and he might not, remember he is a free agent and he might just retire.

The Yankees are of to a rocky start with no middle of the line-up production and shaky starting pitching. Add this wrinkle and it is going to make for one interesting season.

I have to throw a little blame at Girardi. He really needed to tell Mariano not to be goofing in the outfield. You want to shag balls, cool, just don't be running full bore after them. We don't need you to catch fly balls, we need you to finish games with your arm.

I was hoping that if he was going to retire, it would be at the end of the year. He would be coming into the game from the bullpen with Enter Sandman playing and shutting down whatever opponent the Yankees were playing that day for his umpteenth save. I do not want his last baseball game to be that of him being carried off like a limp broken doll and Exit Sandman.

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