Friday, May 4, 2012


At 7 AM Pacific Time, I will be entering the gates at Hollywood Park to watch and wager on the Kentucky Derby. The usual suspects will be there, Sandman and the Stooges, Swim Coach Stu and of course Mush. This year I will not ask Mush who he has bet because last year he told me, "Stay Thirsty can't lose" and that was my horse and I got mushed.

A few of us decided to pool some money and play a few trifectas. After handicapping the race, a few things came to mind. This Derby is wide open. Anyone can win. It is going to be a great race and the money pools will be spread out. That is good for us if our ticket hits.

Tomorrow is also the first day that I am going to get to play Woodbine in Toronto. That is one of my favorite tracks.

To recap, tomorrow is the Derby and Woodbine is on the card and the cavalcade of characters will be quite entertaining. No matter how you look at it, it's a win win situation.

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