Sunday, September 4, 2011


Last night I watched HBO's Boxing After Dark and the undercard was a featherweight fight between Gary Russell Jr and Leonilo Miranda.

Russell has had an outstanding amateur career and he turned pro in 2009. He has a record of 17-0 at this point in his career.

Last night, Russell proved to me that he belongs in the fight game. I have not seen a person with such hand speed since Roy Jones Jr. If you watch the above video from an earlier fight, you will see his hand speed.

In the fifth round, Russell threw a right hook to the chin, a left to the body and followed up with four more body shots that were thrown fast and accurate, I had to rewind the DVR just to see how many landed. After reviewing the tape, I learned that each of those shots landed. In the sixth, he came at Miranda with the fastest 10 body shots I have ever seen in a boxing match.

Outside of him having some fast hands, his technique and his overall boxing skills are nearly flawless. Barring injury, barring mismanagement and every other demon that comes into a boxers life, Gary Russell, Jr. will be a  champion in no time soon and will be one of the greatest featherweights.

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