Friday, September 30, 2011


The first game of the American League Play-offs start today. The Yankees are facing the Tigers and the first game gives us Sabathia and Verlander. This could be a classic game with two of the best pitchers in the game going against each other.

Ivan Nova will start game 2. Girardi has no other choice even if his stupid binders tell him otherwise. Nova deserves to be the number 2 in the rotation because without him, the Yankees would not be here. After game 2, we have a problem. I have a solution to this problem. Pray for rain.

With the Yankees starting pitchers, Girardi needs to be creative and I think his first move, even before the first ball is thrown, is going to be a costly one. I say start Nova in game 1 and C.C. in game 2.

The Tigers are starting Verlander in game 1. The guy has been unhittable. He's been a machine and he shuts down softball teams. If you start Nova, I feel Nova can keep the Tigers under three runs and hopefully Verlander makes one mistake to the softball team. The Yankees have a chance of winning. If you pitch C.C., the same scenario plays out except if the Yankees lose 3-2, you basically have wasted a pitcher.  C.C. and Verlander faced off earlier in the year and they both pitched 6 innings and they both left with the game tied at 3. C.C. gave up 6 hits and Verlander gave up 3, one of them being a 3 run homer. The Yankees eventually won.  I say that Nova can do what C.C. did on that day and you still have your ace for game 2.

The reason this scenario has been played out in my mind is because of the game 3 starter Freddy Garcia. If you lose the first two, you now have all your eggs in the Garcia basket. I know that if you win the first two and Garcia tanks in the third game, you have C.C. in game 4. With this pitching staff you have to look at worse case scenarios and prepare. (2004 Game 7 Yankees/Red Sox, need I say more)

Here are my predictions

American League
Tigers sweep and I say I told you so to Girardi.
Rangers in 4

National League
Phils sweep
Diamondbacks in 5 and this is my pick for most entertaining series for this round.

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