Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I have been watching the Jeremy Lin saga play out over the last six games. This is exactly what the Knicks needed and that was a shot in the arm. Due to injuries to two of their biggest stars, Lin got his chance and he has shown the NBA what he can do.

How does a kid like this get passed up by so many scouts and how is it that two teams cut him. He was just about to get cut from the Knicks but injuries forced D'Antoni to use him. Jeremy Lin is not your prototypical point guard. He is not that big and he is not that strong but he is a basketball player. He plays the position exactly how it is supposed to be played. He runs the floor, he takes it to the hoop (who says Asians can't drive) and when the big guys sag on him, Lin drains them from the outside but the most important thing that he does is pass. He makes his teammates play the game the way it is supposed to be played, like a team.

If Stoudemire, Tyson and Anthony were winning games as the big three for the Knicks, we would not know who Jeremy Lin is. He would of been cut and he would of been looking for another team. He has pulled the ultimate Wally Pipp. The stars have been sitting and he came in and now he won't leave. His great run has taken a lot of heat off of D'Antoni. Without Lin, I think D'Antoni would have been banished. Don't get me wrong, I still think D'Antoni needs to go.

I think the Knicks need to evaluate this situation. I think the chemistry is great right now but once Anthony returns, it becomes a different team. Lin needs to control the floor but I don't see Anthony letting that happen. Package up Anthony for some good pieces to help out in the long run. I really think that David Lee would of been perfect in this line-up. The Knicks need to be smart and evaluate what the future holds.

Lin makes the Knicks fun again. I am going to enjoy it while it lasts because they still are the Knicks.

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