Sunday, October 30, 2011


You would think that yesterday was January 29th and not October 29th. With an early snowstorm hitting the northeast, many of the college and high school games were played in icy and slushy conditions. These conditions sometimes bring out the worst in teams but in the case of Lincoln High School, this intense snowstorm did not stop their express to the City Championship.

Lincoln was bringing their 7-0 record to Canarsie High School. Canarsie was in second place in their division with a 6-1 record. This was a big game for Lincoln considering that all the critics were saying that this Canarsie team was only the second "real" team that Lincoln has played this year. This "real" team was destroyed 54-0 by the Lincoln squad.

Lincoln is now the only undefeated team in the city at 8-0. They are on track to go back to the scene of their last loss, last year's City Championship. Next week, Lincoln takes on the team that beat them out for that championship, Fort Hamilton, in their final game of the season.

Last week Jessel Jones put on a show for Lincoln but this week the spotlight focused on Kareem Folkes. He scored on touchdown runs of 31, 30, 23, 17 and 70 yards. This is difficult to do on any given day but for him to do that in the conditions he was playing in, was simply amazing. If you have never played in a snowstorm with wet and icy conditions, I will describe it as like playing in an ice skating rink with no visibility and your whole body feels like it has been shot up with Novocaine.

Another remarkable statistic from yesterday's game is that Lincoln did not have one turnover while Canarsie had five. It was a nearly perfect effort for Lincoln in imperfect conditions.

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